Elvin Cheng, MBBS BScMed MPH

Cancer Research Division, Cancer Council NSW, the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Dr Elvin Cheng is a PhD candidate in Medicine at the University of Sydney and his work is based at Cancer Council NSW. He has over 30 years’ background of clinical practice as a general medical practitioner and hospital doctor, with broad experience in the primary care and clinical management of a wide range of medical conditions including cancers.

He completed his Medical degree at the University of Sydney in 1984, and he also accomplished Bachelor of Medical Science in 1981 with the production of five publications on the study of hypertension. He was also awarded Master of Public Health at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2018 with an overall grade of High Distinction. 

His primary research focus is lung cancer epidemiology, and his PhD project aims to identify the demographic characteristics and quantify the potential demographic, environmental and lifestyle risk factors for lung cancer in never smokers in Australia and China. As lung cancer in never smoker is predominant in women of Asian ethnicity, by analysing two large cohort datasets which are accessible in Australia (the 45 and Up study) and China (China Kadoorie Biobank), his research aims to bring awareness to the growing cancer burden attributed to lung cancer in never smokers, and inform more comprehensive strategies for lung cancer prevention and early detection in both countries.