Prof Michel Coleman

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Coleman qualified in medicine in Oxford last century, and practised medicine for 6 years, mainly in internal medicine and general practice, before deserting to epidemiology. He worked in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in Oxford (1984-87); at WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France (1987-1991), and was Medical Director of the Thames Cancer Registry in London (1991-1995). At the Office for National Statistics, UK, he was Deputy Chief Medical Statistician and Head of the UK WHO Collaborating Centre on the Classification of Diseases (1995- 2004).

His research is focussed on trends and inequalities in cancer incidence, mortality and survival, and their use in public health policy for cancer control. He is co-PI in the CONCORD programme, which established global surveillance of cancer survival in 2018, with survival trends for 37 million cancer patients diagnosed 2000-2014 in 71 countries world-wide.

Prof Coleman has published over 400 peer-reviewed articles and books.

Terms of Appointment: April 2018 - April 2020