The Annals of Cancer Epidemiology (Ann Cancer Epidemiol; ACE) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal with the goal to help human apply epidemiological studies to fight against cancers by providing an open-access platform and user-friendly facilities to worldwide cancer researchers, clinicians, scientists and policy makers, and shape an effective communication and collaboration amongst them.

The scope of Annals of Cancer Epidemiology includes but not limited to the following aspects: cancer statistics, descriptive epidemiology, studies of affecting factors for diseases, prevention, evaluation of interventions, screening, early detection, precise diagnosis, methodological issues and theory, etc.

All submissions and review processes of ACE are conducted electronically to expedite the reviews and publication process. ACE will spare no effort to minimize the duration of review and publication processes whilst maintaining the highest standards of each, and will maintain innovative efforts to meet readers’ need.

The editors and an international advisory group of scientists and clinician-scientists as well as other experts will hold ACE articles to the high-quality standard.

Why advertise in ACE?

Advertising in ACE puts your message directly in the hands of your targeted clinicians and researchers so that they can stay informed of the latest developments and best practices in the field of epidemiology. The ACE publisher guarantees equal advertising opportunity and the delivery of ACE publication to all the major treatment centers worldwide.

  • As an open access journal with online distribution, its content is globally available without charge.
  • Selected bi-lingual content (English and Chinese) and the link to the large Chinese physician website position the journal for international collaboration, and will benefit authors who are interested in wide distribution of their data in Chinese, and readers who are not fluent in English.
  • A strong international, independent editorial board ensures high-quality scientific content and high ethical standards.

What we can offer?

* Advances online advertising.
* Personalized, customer support at any level by a publishing group experience with print and on-line platforms.
* Bilingual advertisement (English and Chinese) per request.

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