Foreword to Annals of Cancer Epidemiology

Foreword to Annals of Cancer Epidemiology

The epidemiology of cancer studies the affecting factors of cancer to explore possible trends and causes. The study of cancer epidemiology employs epidemiological approach to find the cause of cancer and to identify and enhance the management of cancer. Cancer epidemiology requires data of good quality and access to data for use in research. New important results will emerge if trajectories of cancer occurrence can be studied in a lifelong perspective. Research involving genetic factors will also open up new avenues for studies, but it will not replace research, whose starting point is the population’s social conditions, their lifestyle, and environmental influences (1). Therefore, it is never out-of-date for us to build up such a focused journal Annals of Cancer Epidemiology (ACE) to present and communicate those epidemiological researches’ data, methods, and discoveries, and help human find implications to prevent, early detect, control and even eliminate cancers or other diseases. The goal of ACE is to help human apply epidemiological studies to fight against cancers by providing an open-access platform and user-friendly facilities to worldwide cancer researchers, clinicians, scientists, policy makers, and shape an effective communication and collaboration among them.

For timely communication, our editorial team of ACE will spare no effort to minimize the duration of review and publication processes whilst maintaining the highest standards of each, and will maintain innovative effort to meet readers’ need.

At the birth of this new journal, we have a beautiful vista that the publication on this journal would directly or indirectly help human move even a little step forward in the battle against cancer, and we cordially welcome all the researchers, clinicians and relevant experts who have the same goodwill to join this effort.




  1. Olsen J, Storm HH. What is epidemiology and what is cancer epidemiology? Ugeskr Laeger 2002;164:2871-6. [PubMed]

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doi: 10.21037/ace.2017.08.01
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